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How May Lindstrom’s Artisanal Self-Care Rituals are Taking Australia By Storm

May Lindstrom Australia skin care products – from a chef to founder of organic skin care

In a world where we are looking more and more towards nature for the best results, May Lindstrom has become an iconic name. At the forefront of the natural skin-care hype, her hand-crafted recipes are taking the world by storm. The brand, with was set up by May herself, offers only the cleanest and purest skincare products following through on the belief that what is best for our skin and bodies comes directly from the earth around us.

May Lindstrom Australia - The Lab Organics

Offering some of the best skin care products on the market, May has spent years designing and perfecting the recipes to ensure the best products are hitting the shelves. Offering a purely organic skin care store, May believes that it is more than just what you put onto your skin but understanding the relationship between yourself and your skin that will leave you with that truly glowing feeling. Her truly indulgent and elegant products have been created by May for herself but they are just too good to be kept for one person.

How May Lindstrom came up with her own organic skin care regime

Concentrating on the most important aspects of her own life, the self-care rituals that May Lindstrom has come up with have clearly had a profound effect on her skin. Ensuring that all of the products used are organic, sustainable, cruelty-free and eco-conscious, there is no need to feel guilty about the effects they might be having on the environment. As good on the inside as they are for your outsides, they are even wheat and gluten-free and vegan (except for The Honey Mud which contains honey) so there is no need to worry about any adverse reactions from these products either.

May Lindstrom Australia - The Problem Solver

The Problem Solver Correcting Masque is one of the most popular products May has created and it is easy to see why. This face mask feels amazing when you put it on but leaves your skin feeling even better when you take it off. The cool and gentle feeling of the mask will leave you feeling truly zen-like and allows you to complete the second part of May’s lifestyle – relaxing the mind. By creating a product that feels so smooth and incredible on the skin, she allows us to reach within ourselves and just indulge in the natural feeling that washes over us while using it.

May Lindstrom Australia - Honey Mud - The Lab Organics

A true master at her art, the May Lindstrom Australia collection is taking the world by storm and the reasons are clear to see. The simplistic and natural elements of these truly amazing products speak directly to our souls when we use them and heals us not only on the outside, but on the inside too. By taking her own mantra and spirit and creating such pure and intense products, May is able to touch each and every one of us with the goodness that lives within her and helps us to look within ourselves and see our individual beauty. The beauty within is what it’s all about – it just helps that it feels so good at the same time!

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